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Property Profile is an organization that specializes in the compilation of comprehensive Property Profile Report reports for its clients, these documents provide homeowners with detailed information regarding their property and any structures built on the property. This can prove exceptionally useful when determining the value of a property for sale or tax purposes or when verifying previous or recent transactions.


We at Property Profile understand that making decisions about a property is not always easy, but you can come to a more complete understanding of the value that a property holds when the right information is available. By having us compile a Property Profile Report specifically for your property, you will be able to make more informed real estate decisions and verify that your property information is recorded correctly.


We believe that information is power, and we go to great lengths to assemble all of the most relevant data to help our clients make the most informed real estate decisions possible. Each Property Profile Report report covers a wide range of details specifically complied for your property. Each report provides information regarding property history, tax information, comparable property info, transaction details, flood reports and more, and even surrounding demographics and because we want you to have the full spectrum of your property records we do include a complimentary copy of your most recently recorded deed. As such, this type of report is extremely valuable to individuals and homeowners.

When you purchase a property make changes to a property, usually the title or escrow agent will file your original deed. If done properly a deed is recorded within a couple weeks to a few months after closing. However there are instances where a deed is not properly recorded. This is one of many reasons why it is important to have a copy of your deed.

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